Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happiest & Healthiest of New Years to you all!!

Yes, it is 2011 !!

My goodness, the holidays flew by in a whirl of parties, visits from one set of kids and phone visits with the other, as well as, celebrating with good friends. We finally have gotten some snow to celebrate the new year. Honestly, it was such a warm Christmas, that we barely wore our coats.....vests seem to do just fine. However, now that the snow has arrived, the temperatures are much more 'normal' and quite cold. We plan to bundle up today and take a walk in the New Year.

We are so looking forward to this year, with a renewed spirit. My son is going to help me with a new website ..... (His plans are big.... and I am going with it....out of my comfort zone!). My husband is going to make some huge transitions in his life..... and we hope to do more traveling.

I am also looking forward to more time in the studio....or sketching in the field. I plan to purchase a laptop, so that I can be with you where ever I go. I am on the lookout for new subjects, be they tropical, exotic, or just the average plant with a new perspective.

I hope that good health and prosperity follows all of you this year. This past year seemed to stretch many of our friends on health issues....don't wish that for the upcoming year. Also, so many people are struggling financially, that I hope that the economics of life stabilize for many this year. Of course, I want the best for people.... no struggling.... but that is not realistic, I know. So, I will hope for the best....and keep calm, as I carry on.

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