Monday, January 3, 2011

A Beautiful day for a walk in the snow.

Today, I started a sketch book (which you, most likely, will not see). I am doing five minute sketches daily. That is my New Years draw daily. I don't care if it is about flowers at all....but I do want to practice every day. Well, maybe, if the drawings improve, I will share some with you.....

Today, it was 30 degrees or more and the SUN was sparkling on everything. I couldn't help but take my camera on a walk. I had so much fun.

This is what I saw:
a bush in front of the house,
planted long before we moved in (Years ago).
I love the bright red of the berries.

The snow melts so quickly when the temperatures warm.
In this arid climate, the earth just can't wait for a drink.

Thought you might enjoy the view of
the Michelin Woman
that is, bundled to the max, in my down coat.

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