Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back to work!

It is the last day of vacation for most of us. Reality hits on Monday (it's Sunday afternoon, as I write this). It's been much fun....but there is much to do in the new year, and I plan to start tomorrow. I will have to get rid of bucket loads of order to start back to a healthier lifestyle, but I plan to get out and walk as often as I can.

I hope that you all had a good break and are ready to dig in, during these winter months. I have been working on a Kohlrabi, from a class taken several years ago. I put it aside, after the class, and hadn't touched it. When I saw it several weeks ago, I felt a renewed confidence to try again. I have pulled out the file on it and will go through my sketches. I plan to photograph it this week, so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Several friends gave me wonderful Amaryllis bulbs this, I wanted to share them with you. Chauncey, the rabbit, keeps an eye on them as they are tucked behind the Narcissus (which are blooming away right now). The Amaryllis certainly help January doldrums. I will keep you posted.

The living room is filled with scents from the Narcissus
as the Amaryllis begins it's ascent.

This was our "Happy New Year" snow.
It put a nice blanket of fresh snow
over the brown grasses of Colorado

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