Saturday, December 18, 2010

Loveland Museum Gallery shows studio Botanica

Yesterday, I went to Loveland with my Art Group to see a most wonderful exhibit. If you live in the area, and you love Botanical art (which would probably be why you are reading this blog), then you should try to get to this exhibit.

Loveland Museum is at 503 North Lincoln Ave (or Hwy 287 and Lincoln Ave.) in Loveland, CO.
They ask for a donation of five dollars, but it is only a suggested donation. However, to support the arts, I think that is more than fair. The exhibit is downstairs, in a wonderful room which happens to show the work beautifully.

I know most of the artists. Each one is unique in their technique, style, and medium. There are watercolors, colored pencil, oils, and etchings, as well as combinations of the above. The work is done by several instructors at the Denver Botanic Gardens Botanical Illustration Program, and several graduates of the program. All are working artists.

What a treat! We spent two hours in the museum because there is a lot to see through out the spaces, upstairs and downstairs. We are fortunate to have these wonderful exhibits in Northern Colorado.

I have scanned the brochure of the exhibit for you, which I hope that you can enlarge, as there will be demonstrations through out the time of the exhibit, as well as classes available.

This exhibit is really worth seeing!!
Of course, I love the artists in this exhibit.
However, there was some work that
I had not seen before which was a true delight.
So, if you live in the area....GO!
Support the Arts!

These are the lists of Demonstrations
and classes available, while the exhibit
is going on. Well, worth checking out.

Post Script:
I have been trying to get on the blog, once a week, during the holidays. That has been harder than I thought. One of the very important parts of the Holiday, for me, is visiting with friends. So, I have been 'playing' and eating out.... running to Loveland, and generally celebrating the most important aspect of the Season......the people.

This has been such a hard year for so many friends and family. From politics to health, work and finances - it has been a rugged path for most of us. The highlights of Nature, Good health results (after scary diagnosis), good healing, and small moments of joy, seem to sustain most of us. Once in a while, you get a big the celebration of Marriage....which we enjoyed. That makes some of the other stuff much more tolerable.

I hope that what ever faith you practice, it will bring you Peace and Blessings this Holiday season and in the coming year. For me, all faiths bring value to my life..... but at its core, Kindness and caring can carry every person to a better place. So, Hugs, and more Hugs to all of you, who have followed this blog through thick and thin. (been a lot of 'thin' these past weeks, so a double thanks for continuing to check in).

I will try to write another blog this next week.... then the kids come for a visit, and I will be taking a break until after the New Year.

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