Monday, November 15, 2010

Not my photos.... but FALL AT IT'S BEST!

I cannot claim to have taken these photos. My 98 year young, Aunt, sent them to me this weekend. I was astonished at the beauty of Butchart Gardens ( ) in Victoria, B.C. I can only tell you that Colorado does not have this kind of color, which delights the eye. I just had to share it.... and I thank whom ever took these photos, and I hope that they do not mind my sharing them with all of you.

Now, I think I want to take a road trip to Victoria, B.C., in the Fall. I would love to spend a day.... NO... a week in these gardens, with my paint brush. I will put it on my 'to do' list.

Can you believe the colors?? Oh my...

So very perfect in every way

I could sit here for hours and meditate
or paint.

I can't keep apologizing for my lack of posts..... I can only tell you that too much is going on right now. It's all wonderful, but personal stuff, and it's taking up a lot more time than I ever imagined it would. It should resolve itself by February.... but until then, I am afraid that I am going to be more sporadic with posts.

I have been working, so will show you some stuff tomorrow.... then, I will be away from posting for a bit. Hopefully, you will be patient with me.

My Son is going to work with me in the coming months on a website and I hope to have my art work available for sale some day soon. I will sell original pieces and sets of cards. Something to look forward to, in the new year.

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