Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Celebrating Fall Colors

I know that I will not be at the computer for awhile, so I am loading you up with different colors of Fall, in hopes that by the time I get back to blogging, it will be a new season to celebrate.

I have painted or penciled about three of the Spotted Coralroot..... and this last one is in watercolor. My client really wanted a watercolor, so I went ahead and did one more. It is not finished, but I am growing a bit weary of doing it, so I probably will not show this one again. I can only work for a few hours on some of these projects, as the light in the studio at this time of year, begins to toy with my color. Things happen that I don't always like. I will work some more on this, with a mid-December 'finish' date, for my client.

Spotted Coralroot

Our back yard gives us quite a work out in the Fall..... as you can see below, the leaves don't drop until mid-November, and then they all plunge in one big 'swoosh'. I always hope the wind will carry them away, but we haven't had that kind of luck with our leaves.... so it's raking and bagging most of them. This would be so much fun if we had little ones to jump in the piles. It's not so much fun for two"oldies but goodies" to do it. However, the fresh air and a sunny day can make all the difference, when it comes to raking.

...and this is only half of the leaves that fall...

Next up, a small project for the next season. I have started the "Paper whites" (Narcissus) in a bowl, so that they will be blooming in time for the Christmas/Hanukkah Holiday Season. The roots have really taken off and I expect that it won't belong before that wonderful scent fills the air in the house.

A wee bit of a head start on the next season
while celebrating the Fall.

And last, but not least, I wanted to wish all of you an early "Happy Thanksgiving" from my house to yours. If you are traveling, be safe. If you are with family.....Celebrate. If you don't have family nearby, or you can't celebrate with them..... find someone to share the day with.

I think I love Thanksgiving so much because it is about what we can give to others and the sharing of gratitude for what ever blessings we do have. Plus, I do love the warm colors of Fall. It's Natures last "Grand Hurrah" before Winter sets in.

Best Wishes from our house to yours....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Not my photos.... but FALL AT IT'S BEST!

I cannot claim to have taken these photos. My 98 year young, Aunt, sent them to me this weekend. I was astonished at the beauty of Butchart Gardens ( www.butchartgardens.com/ ) in Victoria, B.C. I can only tell you that Colorado does not have this kind of color, which delights the eye. I just had to share it.... and I thank whom ever took these photos, and I hope that they do not mind my sharing them with all of you.

Now, I think I want to take a road trip to Victoria, B.C., in the Fall. I would love to spend a day.... NO... a week in these gardens, with my paint brush. I will put it on my 'to do' list.

Can you believe the colors?? Oh my...

So very perfect in every way

I could sit here for hours and meditate
or paint.

I can't keep apologizing for my lack of posts..... I can only tell you that too much is going on right now. It's all wonderful, but personal stuff, and it's taking up a lot more time than I ever imagined it would. It should resolve itself by February.... but until then, I am afraid that I am going to be more sporadic with posts.

I have been working, so will show you some stuff tomorrow.... then, I will be away from posting for a bit. Hopefully, you will be patient with me.

My Son is going to work with me in the coming months on a website and I hope to have my art work available for sale some day soon. I will sell original pieces and sets of cards. Something to look forward to, in the new year.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Breathing space...

I have been working on my Bromeliad all week, and now it needs some breathing space....

I like to photograph and print out my work, just to see what it needs..... and it still needs work.
But, I will let it sit a bit.... before I get back to it.


The weeks are flying by.... where does the time go. I have several art projects to re-do or complete and paintings to pick up from a local business that has been showing my work for four months. I am re-thinking that..... four months is a long time to have your work in one place. I think I prefer a shorter experience.... but we shall see.

In the mean time, the house got cleaned ...... thoroughly, this time.... and some sewing projects that I had been working on for two years, were completed this week. That is saying something, for me. This weekend, we head outdoors to work in the yard.... trimming the junipers, and raking ('til the cows come home!).

I am also learning how to edit a video. We have the ONLY video of our son's wedding, and it needs editing. So, slowly, I am trying to do that.... we shall see. It is definitely harder than it looks even when the program tries to make it simple. This is good for my brain... stretching...always stretching... to learn new things.

I hope your weekend is a good one and you have fun at what ever you do. I also hope that you can stretch your brain... learn something new.... hug someone old.... and laugh a little.

Monday, November 1, 2010

At work on the Bromeliad

My euphoria is abating..... well, just a little bit. (Thanks, Mervi for your comment!). I thought that I would just pop back to work and get a lot done last week, but actually, there were many things to do to tie up the wedding celebration. Also, I was writing on my table tops, through the dust, which reminded me that houses do NOT clean themselves.

However, towards the end of the week, I was finally able to sit down and paint. I have quite a way to go on this piece, but I am laying down the washes and getting form and color show. It is not an easy thing for me..... I need to put down darker washes, earlier in the painting. Instead, I seem to paint with trepidation ....layering in light glazes.... I must get bold and brave with my paint.

This week, I promise..... more than one post. Again, thank you for the patience.