Monday, October 18, 2010

What is that squirrel clucking about???

A couple of short posts this week..... work is getting done, but early stages are mostly pencil drawings, so will share more later. Instead, I wanted to share my back yard buddies (better known as the local squirrels) that have eaten most of the Russian Olive tree (their personal favorite dining tree). Last week, they were especially loud in the back yard.... and when I looked outside, walking calmly through the yard was the local Fox.

The fox looked well fed and his coat caught the rays of the sun and fairly 'glowed' as he sauntered through our yard. We knew that he was in the neighborhood, but lately he had been frequenting the neighbors back yards, and we had not seen him in quite some time. So, I grabbed the camera (whew... had to run upstairs..and then back down,....) and I only caught the back side of him. Still, it was a nice break from work, and a delight to have him visit (even though the squirrels were not nearly so thrilled..).

Hope your day is a good one.

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