Monday, October 25, 2010

They lived Happily Ever After.....

My friends and family already know..... but I wanted to share with my blogger friends, as well.
I found a rubber stamp, not too long ago, that said, "They lived Happily ever after.... and then they had to go to work". I loved that, and I put it on the envelope to my son and daughter-in-law (oh joy, I can say that now!!). For, this weekend, they were married.....

The rain was coming down,
but they decided to 'go for it'
and see if we could beat the torrents
which were expected in late afternoon.
So, gleefully, we all set out for
Tilden Botanical Gardens, in Berkeley, CA......
a most perfect place ever......

We ignored the fog and rain, as we climbed higher & higher.

We arrived at the magical place of tall Redwoods,
where it was surprisingly dry and comfortable.
We felt protected as our Son & Daughter sang
and played the songs that they wrote.....
describing their love and journey, to this point.

Now, our tears were adding to the raindrops...

And so, they stood together
with a bouquet, gathered and put together
by Mothers and Sister-in-law

And we wrapped them in a blanket of love,
And they danced with feet so joyous

And then they had to go to work...
(Well, not until today).

We did continue this celebration
in a dry and cozy place
filled with laughter, love, and
good wishes.

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Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski said...

Congratulations for you Cynthia, for your husband and your son and daughter-in-law!