Friday, October 8, 2010

The Redwood Grove

Hi ...... I am shocked at the lack of time I have these days, and that I am hardly getting online to check e-mails, much less, write my blog. With many things tugging at my shirtsleeves, I find that time is a precious commodity right now. So, "Hello" to you.

I am taking a class right now in Bromeliads (most famous..... Pineapple!) in Denver. It is keeping me busy and out of trouble. I will put my homework sheet on the blog, as soon as I take a photo of it. (Oh, how the domino's must fall... to get another blog written).

So, why am I sharing the lovely photos below? Because my son will be married in this Redwood Grove in the very near future and I can't wait. I think that it is the most beautiful of all Cathedrals... and couldn't be a more perfect place for nuptials. I am so thrilled at the choice for this upcoming celebration. So, here it is..... I share it with you in celebration of Nature and love. Both are grand.

The sun peeks through the top of the trees.

What a Majestic place...a perfect spot for a wedding!

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