Monday, October 11, 2010

New Class on Bromeliads

I am currently taking a course in watercolor, painting bromeliads. Since I have been working with mostly colored pencils, lately, I am definitely out of touch with my painterly side. So, I am spending a lot of time practicing my painting strokes, and it's quite a struggle. I found a great Bromeliad to paint.... at the clearance area of Lowe's. There aren't a lot of Bromeliads to be found locally, right now. However, I am thrilled with mine, and I think it will prove to be the appropriate challenge for me.

My "Clearance" Bromeliad and my practice sheet

Up close and personal on the practice sheet.
Yikes, my painting needs work.
I want to just start over with colored pencil...

Arches 140 #, Hot Press paper
and a good #6 watercolor brush
and practice, practice, practice.....

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