Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Fall Stroll around the yard

I thought I would share some of the photos from the extended Summer, that we are having. Certainly, the flowers are growing more pale, yet, they continue to bloom. We have yet to have a hard frost, which, compared to last year,, is an "Amazement" So, take a stroll with me....

The Clematis are showing a bit of 'wear & tear'
but they continue to bloom.
Amazement #1

The Hawthorne Tree is bursting with berries
This is it's third year at our house
but the first real burst of berries.
Amazement #2

The Nasturtiums and "Mums" just keep
coming forth with luscious Fall color

These flowers will adorn my Son's Bride
as he marries his beloved
Joyful Amazement #3

P.S. Working on my Bromeliad.....and I almost had the first wash completed this morning, in class. Hopefully, I can photograph it next week, when the first stage is complete. You can watch this one a 'In Progress".

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