Saturday, October 2, 2010

At work this week......

Thought you might enjoy a snapshot of what I have been up to this week. This flower was discovered by me, this summer, at a garden tour. I immediately fell in love with it and tried to find out where to get it (in this particular color of blue). I took a ton of photos and hoped that I could plant it. I discovered that it is called Montana Bachelor's Button (and, no doubt, many other names)......that it is invasive and most gardeners end up not liking it because it takes over.

Well, I still love it.... and I will try to find a spot for it next year. All I could find this year was a purple version... which did not fare well in the yard. The joy of the garden is in the discovery of the next plant you find.....

Montana Bachelor Button
(common name)

Enjoy your weekend!!

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