Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can you feel "Fall".....?

It's in the air.... I can feel it.....and some of the flowers are beginning to fade. However, the Morning Glory's, the Black eyed Susan's, and the Nasturtiums.... are rockin it!!

I do love this time of year. Things cool down and the baby pumpkins appear under massive leaves. Sleeping with the cooler weather is so lovely..... yes, Fall is near.

As I have said before, this summer has been a great one. There has been enough rain to keep the flowers happy.....enough sun and heat to keep me happy..... and day after day of decent weather. We have had a few crazy showers, thunderstorms, and lightening 'shows'..... but just enough to be interesting. Nothing was overdone, and after the long and cold Winter, it was good for the soul.

So, I grabbed the camera and popped outside for a minute to photograph the back yard. Somehow, I missed uploading the photos of the pumpkins.... but trust me, they are growing by leaps and bounds.

How is the weather changing in your neck of the woods?? Comments are always welcome.

Oh, the glory of Morning...all in one flower...
Morning Glory

Bright Pink Geraniums are coming back to life.

The Hydrangea's are struggling a bit...
but I love this pale color.

Our yard is a sea of Black Eyed Susan's
Love them!!

And of course, I love my Nasturtiums.
They are the "happy campers" of our garden
from early summer to the first frost.

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