Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aspen are in their Prime..... another touch of Fall

I feel like I am apologizing each time I blog..... only because, I am averaging about once a week, and I am not getting the work done in my studio. We have had too much on our plate.... but I always think that I would rather be busy, than bored. (You CAN be busy and bored... but I never want to be that kind of busy).

We had the chance to take a walk in the Foothills this weekend, with friends who were visiting from 'out of town'. Since they were coming from sea level, we took them on a hike that was a bit lower.... which meant that we got to see the Aspen in their prime. wow! Amazing!

The days have been wonderfully warm and inviting for hikes and the like. I wish the Fall season could last for a much longer time. I just savor each and every sunny day.

The trees are in their prime...grasses starting to turn, as well.

Splendiferous Aspen trees!

A high country pond..... wish you could be there.

See you sooner..... I hope..... with something to show for my time......

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