Sunday, September 19, 2010

The A-Maize-Ment of Recovery...

I really was working last week, but then a bug found me.... a nasty bug..... and I was down for the count. I seem to find the 'cold bug' when ever I step onto an airplane! Yikes...... but regardless of my bleary, buggy state, I managed to sit up for a few hours and finish my "Maize".

Each kernel was a piece all by itself, which was quite fun. I do plan to frame this one, and hopefully, I can put it up to enjoy this Fall.

I do not have any fresh ideas for work, at the moment. I start class again in a week, so that will indulge me in the world of Bromeliads. I can't wait. Until then, I will check around the studio and see what needs doing. I certainly, always have unfinished projects around to complete.

We are starting to have a taste of Fall, and I checked out the garden..... BIG SURPRISES AWAIT! There are three really big pumpkins, and some gourds, and 'boo' pumpkins growing like crazy. Since, I don't especially like to share space with the snakes, I have been very careful about stepping into the space to really see what is under the leaves.... but I think we have some fun pumpkins waiting for us.


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Emily Cole said...

Beautiful! I love your illustrations.