Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aspen are in their Prime..... another touch of Fall

I feel like I am apologizing each time I blog..... only because, I am averaging about once a week, and I am not getting the work done in my studio. We have had too much on our plate.... but I always think that I would rather be busy, than bored. (You CAN be busy and bored... but I never want to be that kind of busy).

We had the chance to take a walk in the Foothills this weekend, with friends who were visiting from 'out of town'. Since they were coming from sea level, we took them on a hike that was a bit lower.... which meant that we got to see the Aspen in their prime. wow! Amazing!

The days have been wonderfully warm and inviting for hikes and the like. I wish the Fall season could last for a much longer time. I just savor each and every sunny day.

The trees are in their prime...grasses starting to turn, as well.

Splendiferous Aspen trees!

A high country pond..... wish you could be there.

See you sooner..... I hope..... with something to show for my time......

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It must be Fall.....

Well, the pumpkin vines have taken over the garden. I have been trying to peek in between the leaves to see what has been hiding and growing.....

Look at this sweet pumpkin, just waiting to be picked. I am going to let it grow just a bit more.
I am watching for the frost..... don't want to spoil all the hard work.

There are also lots of baby boos still growing amongst the leaves. C'mon.... hurry..... the snow will be here soon....

And look at this beauty! I didn't discover it for a very long time, because it blended right into the mass of leaves. Oh, My, I want to pick it so much, but I am being very, very, patient.

I still am not caught up from travel and sickness..... so haven't even been into the studio this week. Yikes!! I hope to see it tomorrow.... and show you something soon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The A-Maize-Ment of Recovery...

I really was working last week, but then a bug found me.... a nasty bug..... and I was down for the count. I seem to find the 'cold bug' when ever I step onto an airplane! Yikes...... but regardless of my bleary, buggy state, I managed to sit up for a few hours and finish my "Maize".

Each kernel was a piece all by itself, which was quite fun. I do plan to frame this one, and hopefully, I can put it up to enjoy this Fall.

I do not have any fresh ideas for work, at the moment. I start class again in a week, so that will indulge me in the world of Bromeliads. I can't wait. Until then, I will check around the studio and see what needs doing. I certainly, always have unfinished projects around to complete.

We are starting to have a taste of Fall, and I checked out the garden..... BIG SURPRISES AWAIT! There are three really big pumpkins, and some gourds, and 'boo' pumpkins growing like crazy. Since, I don't especially like to share space with the snakes, I have been very careful about stepping into the space to really see what is under the leaves.... but I think we have some fun pumpkins waiting for us.


Monday, September 13, 2010

We took a break and went to.......

Well, this is a huge hint, for sure. We had been planning this trip for a long while, and despite what you see above, once the fog burned off, the weather was perfection. The days were sunny and the nights crisp and foggy.....

We were able to spend some time with our younger son and his fiance....and help with some wedding plans. Though they want to have a very small, intimate ceremony, they do want it also to be very special, so we explored beautiful spaces to have a wedding ceremony. They came up with this.... which is amazing and wonderful. It's Nature's Cathedral, I think.....

Tilden Park Botanical Garden, in Berkeley
Redwood Grove

We were also able to head to the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, to see a wonderful Impressionist Exhibit. It was closing that weekend, but the good news is that they will be having a follow up exhibit, starting at the end of September. So, if you are in the neighborhood, go and see it. Of course, I love the Museum.....think it is extra special just to see.

Don't worry..... there is another exhibit of Post- Impressionism
on it's way to Golden Gate Park...and the DeYoung Museum.

So, now, it's catching up and back to work. Hopefully, I will have some work to show you by the end of this week. Thanks for coming by..... things will be sporadic this Fall, but I will definitely try to post, once or twice a week. Thanks, too, for your we celebrate this special time in our lives.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can you feel "Fall".....?

It's in the air.... I can feel it.....and some of the flowers are beginning to fade. However, the Morning Glory's, the Black eyed Susan's, and the Nasturtiums.... are rockin it!!

I do love this time of year. Things cool down and the baby pumpkins appear under massive leaves. Sleeping with the cooler weather is so lovely..... yes, Fall is near.

As I have said before, this summer has been a great one. There has been enough rain to keep the flowers happy.....enough sun and heat to keep me happy..... and day after day of decent weather. We have had a few crazy showers, thunderstorms, and lightening 'shows'..... but just enough to be interesting. Nothing was overdone, and after the long and cold Winter, it was good for the soul.

So, I grabbed the camera and popped outside for a minute to photograph the back yard. Somehow, I missed uploading the photos of the pumpkins.... but trust me, they are growing by leaps and bounds.

How is the weather changing in your neck of the woods?? Comments are always welcome.

Oh, the glory of Morning...all in one flower...
Morning Glory

Bright Pink Geraniums are coming back to life.

The Hydrangea's are struggling a bit...
but I love this pale color.

Our yard is a sea of Black Eyed Susan's
Love them!!

And of course, I love my Nasturtiums.
They are the "happy campers" of our garden
from early summer to the first frost.