Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spotty blog... spotted coralroot

I never imagined that I would have such a wild and crazy month. Never.

It's been a bit too much..... and with the sudden and unexpected death of a friend this week, I think I am just running on 'fumes'.

I have had the best news (My son getting married to the most wonderful woman) and the worst (as I mentioned). I also decided last weekend to get "fit", so off I went....

My sweet hubby and I decided to bike 18 miles on a new and completed trail in our area. Just got back from a massage after icing and heating my aching body, all week. Okay... I probably shouldn't start out with that much mileage.... maybe a five miler.... then a ten miler....etc.

So.... I have been working in between the highs and lows this week. Somehow, it has managed to help me find a middle place of calm. Drawing and painting does that for me. I am working on a second 'draft' of the Spotted Coralroot..... in watercolor.

Spotted Coralroot in water color

I have also started in on my "Corn" (see last week's sketch) in colored pencil. It will take me forever to finish that, but hopefully, I will be able to share the 'beginnings' with you soon.

Again, the message has come home to me....

Live fully every day.
Smile every day.
Be kind every day....
and give life your best.

This day will not repeat itself....
Peace be with you all

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