Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally, some "show and tell"

Every Friday, I head to Art 'Therapy" (that's what we call ourselves these days, as we gab and draw/paint). Much has happened to us all in the last three years, and in our celebrations or healing, we started calling our Friday mornings, "Art Therapy". I have found that it is easiest to bring a sketch book and something to draw..... in this instance, dried corn. I have been working on this piece for months, kernel by kernel......

Today, I decided that it was finished..... as far as sketches go. (Well, I might consider this more of a drawing). I plan to make a cartoon of it and then do a watercolor or colored pencil rendering. My original thought was to place the graphite image next to a mirror image of the corn. I will decide later.

So, here is my 'show and tell' for this week. Hope you enjoy it.

My "A-Maizing" sketchbook

Maize in graphite

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