Thursday, August 26, 2010

Catching the Kernel....

I am finally getting my groove back and working at a normal (that would be snail's) pace in the studio. I am finishing up on a commission, which I plan not to share (a Tree of life, which is too personal for this blog) and getting back to catching several kernels a day. Each one has a life of it's own, and I am learning as I go. This has been a lot of fun to hope you will enjoy it as well.

Amazing "Maize"
top half of drawing

The entire "Maize"

A side note to the process of Nature:
As the evenings cool down in the Rocky Mountains, changes occur in tiny steps, visible in the scent of the air, the growth of the acorns, the pumpkins peeking out from behind massive leaves, and the color change of the leaves (not bright colors yet, but a paler hue on each leaf).
I love the magic of Fall.... before the gray settles in, on lifeless trees.

So, pay attention.... the changes are subtle now.... but so worth the watch. Don't you love it??

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