Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sketching again

I finished a big project yesterday, and delivered it today. Whew.... wonderful to complete it, and wonderful to have it delivered. Client was happy which makes me happy. The business of Art is much harder for me than the Art, itself. The business encumbers me and is so "un-fun"..... must figure that part out, in order to enjoy the Art process.

I much prefer to create something, and then put it on the market, much like a "Spec" home. It's much harder to try to create from a Client's vision. I continually want to please them, and often that takes away from the painting itself.

So.... back to the drawing board.....sketching again. Several weeks ago, my friend in my art group, brought several varieties of Oak leaves along with acorns.... a delight to draw this time of year. Hopefully, I will have more to share in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks for your patience with my sporadic posts.

Sketching again..... feels good!

Barely there, but a start.....
will keep you posted on this one.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Catching the Kernel....

I am finally getting my groove back and working at a normal (that would be snail's) pace in the studio. I am finishing up on a commission, which I plan not to share (a Tree of life, which is too personal for this blog) and getting back to catching several kernels a day. Each one has a life of it's own, and I am learning as I go. This has been a lot of fun to do.....so hope you will enjoy it as well.

Amazing "Maize"
top half of drawing

The entire "Maize"

A side note to the process of Nature:
As the evenings cool down in the Rocky Mountains, changes occur in tiny steps, visible in the scent of the air, the growth of the acorns, the pumpkins peeking out from behind massive leaves, and the color change of the leaves (not bright colors yet, but a paler hue on each leaf).
I love the magic of Fall.... before the gray settles in, on lifeless trees.

So, pay attention.... the changes are subtle now.... but so worth the watch. Don't you love it??

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Spotty blog... spotted coralroot

I never imagined that I would have such a wild and crazy month. Never.

It's been a bit too much..... and with the sudden and unexpected death of a friend this week, I think I am just running on 'fumes'.

I have had the best news (My son getting married to the most wonderful woman) and the worst (as I mentioned). I also decided last weekend to get "fit", so off I went....

My sweet hubby and I decided to bike 18 miles on a new and completed trail in our area. Just got back from a massage after icing and heating my aching body, all week. Okay... I probably shouldn't start out with that much mileage.... maybe a five miler.... then a ten miler....etc.

So.... I have been working in between the highs and lows this week. Somehow, it has managed to help me find a middle place of calm. Drawing and painting does that for me. I am working on a second 'draft' of the Spotted Coralroot..... in watercolor.

Spotted Coralroot in water color

I have also started in on my "Corn" (see last week's sketch) in colored pencil. It will take me forever to finish that, but hopefully, I will be able to share the 'beginnings' with you soon.

Again, the message has come home to me....

Live fully every day.
Smile every day.
Be kind every day....
and give life your best.

This day will not repeat itself....
Peace be with you all

Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally, some "show and tell"

Every Friday, I head to Art 'Therapy" (that's what we call ourselves these days, as we gab and draw/paint). Much has happened to us all in the last three years, and in our celebrations or healing, we started calling our Friday mornings, "Art Therapy". I have found that it is easiest to bring a sketch book and something to draw..... in this instance, dried corn. I have been working on this piece for months, kernel by kernel......

Today, I decided that it was finished..... as far as sketches go. (Well, I might consider this more of a drawing). I plan to make a cartoon of it and then do a watercolor or colored pencil rendering. My original thought was to place the graphite image next to a mirror image of the corn. I will decide later.

So, here is my 'show and tell' for this week. Hope you enjoy it.

My "A-Maizing" sketchbook

Maize in graphite

Thursday, August 12, 2010

East Coast Happenings....

No, I am not heading to the East coast, but I wish I were. The American Society of Botanical Artists is having quite an amazing Fall Season. Here are the notes from an e-mail sent to me yesterday. If you happen to be on the East coast, or are planning to travel in that direction, don't miss these amazing opportunities to see Botanical Art.

From the ASBA newsletter:

Celebrate Botanical Art Week in New York City!

The week of September 13 - 17, 2010 will see three major contemporary botanical art exhibitions opening in New York. One is an institutional collection, one a juried international, and one highlights a private collection. There is nothing like seeing botanical art in the original for those who wish to learn or those who simply wish to enjoy its beauty. Consider making a trip to NYC to catch all three of these openings, or plan a trip later in the fall to see all three exhibitions while they are on view. Please make sure to check gallery hours at each institution.

September 14th, Tuesday

Brooklyn Botanic Garden presents Portraits of a Garden V, in the Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery, Saturday, September 11 through Sunday, November 28. The opening reception will be on Tuesday, September 14 from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium Society's fifth biennial commemorates the society's tenth anniversary with a selection of artworks created from BBG's living collections and 250,000-specimen herbarium. Since the society's inception a decade ago, 50 eminent botanical artists have reinvigorated the 400-year-old tradition of recording the exuberance and beauty of flowering plants. Today, the BBG Florilegium is one of the most important collections of contemporary botanical art in the world. For more information, directions and other programs, please visit:

September 15th, Wednesday

The Thirteenth Annual ASBA/HSNY Juried International Exhibition at The Horticultural Society of New York, Wednesday evening, September 15 through Wednesday, November 24. The opening reception will be on Wednesday, September 15 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The American Society of Botanical Artists' eagerly anticipated annual exhibition at The Horticultural Society of New York will be hung in HSNY's fresh, contemporary gallery space in Midtown Manhattan. This highly competitive exhibition always showcases a selection of international artists alongside US artists. Chosen from a field of 205 entries, the 41 pieces are some of the best contemporary botanical art in the world. For information on workshops and jurors' walk-throughs, directions and other programs, please visitwww.hsny.org. For information on the American Society of Botanical Artists, please visitwww.AmSocBotArtists.org.

September 16th, Thursday

The New York Botanical Garden presents: "Botanicals: Environmental Expressions in Art, the Alisa and Isaac M. Sutton Collection,"in the Arthur and Janet Ross Gallery fromSaturday, September 4, 2010, through Sunday, January 9, 2011. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, September 16 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. RSVP to 718.817.8598.

"Botanicals: Environmental Expressions in Art, the Alisa and Isaac M. Sutton Collection" is the largest contemporary botanical art collection in private hands in North America, and it is a stunning compendium. From his first acquisition in 1998, Isaac Sutton's impeccable eye has sought out some of the best images created around the world. Working with Curators Susan Frei Nathan and Alice Marcus Kreig, Sutton selected the 44 images on view from his sizeable collection of botanical art treasures. For information on classes in botanical art, directions and other programs, please visit www.nybg.org.

So, there you have it..... a real treat available in the New York City area.

P.S. Thanks, Mervi, for the feed back. I am still working daily.... but production is slow.

I guess that I can share that my son is getting married in October, to his long time fiance..... a simple wedding, yet those detail to create a memorable event are a joyful distraction from art work.

Also, I am working on the Spotted Coralroot in watercolor. I will eventually share it, but it is somewhat repetitive, having completed the colored pencil version. The client can then choose from either one.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello again....

Hi..... No photos today.... but just a note to let you know that I did not fall off the turnip truck. I haven't had time in the past few weeks to get into the studio and work. As a result... there is nothing to share with you visually.

I appreciate the folks who stop by this blog..... I really do.

I have just been in a place where my energy was placed elsewhere..... good things happening, but not in the studio.

So, hopefully, I will have some work to share with you soon. If not, I hope you will take a mini-vacation too.... read some books; take a walk; go on a 'date'.....just enjoy the end of the Summer...or if you are down under.... the end of Winter What ever you are doing.... enjoy today (and remember, it's the only one you get).

I promise to be back in full swing very soon.