Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo Ops from the Mountains

Thought you might enjoy a few more photos from our Mountain Weekend. Hope to have more work to show you next week. Time to get back in the studio.....(after the kids leave).

My "Out House" Dandelion

I am not sure how I got this photo.... but it was sitting right outside an outhouse
(yes, that is what I said.....) at the top of Rabbit Ears Pass.....
and it was just the right dandelion to take a photo of.....just a weird place.
And... Yes.... my Sweet Hubby thought I was nuts!!

My best guess on this flower is Golden Aster Villosa
The field was full of these, and normally, I would guess
that these were some sort of Sunflower, but for the leaves.

Red Columbine filled the Botanical Gardens in Steamboat.

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