Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We took off on a mini-vacation to the mountains this weekend. We always try to take a few breaks in the Summer, to get up to the mountains and get away. This long planned getaway was to see the wild flowers. I think you will have to double click on the photos and hopefully they will zoom in so that you can see just how many flowers were up on Rabbit Ears Pass.

A friend had told me about this particular spot (Dumont Lake, I believe it is called). We detoured up there and went wild with joy at all of the flowers in the fields. Of course, there were equal numbers of mosquitoes....yikes! We also hit Buffalo Pass which had even more mosquitoes.....but it was well worth the beauty.

I am working on some art.... but it is not going well.....sometimes that happens. I may have to throw it out and start all over again on something new. I am trying to be patient with myself, knowing that sometimes a painting is just not going to work out so well. I hope you will be patient with me, as well. When I have something worth showing, believe me, I will put it on the blog.

A perfect day, in a beautiful meadow.

We found this Avalanche Lily on Buffalo Pass

Either Cow Parsnip or Lovage among the Aspen trees

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