Friday, July 9, 2010

Garden flowers

I am celebrating the garden today. We have had several days of rain and as a result, the flowers are satiated and blooming like crazy. If I could hold these days in my mind when the winter winds blow and there are inches of snow on the ground, I would. I must remember that these days are fleeting.... and to walk out in the garden, daily, to capture it's beauty and hold it to my heart.

flowers that grew from seeds thrown " pell mell" into the rose garden.

Our Daisies come from a long line.... originating from seeds
in my sweet hubby's backyard, growing up. Every year
they come back as a loving reminder of his parents.

The Clematis is 'pregnant' with flowers. It literally
is overwhelmed with purple joy!

This "bizzy" bee was a wee bit busy, pollinating the flower garden.

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Dawn Dutton said...

Thanks for the pics of your beautiful flowers... they make me smile..... happy Friday!