Thursday, July 8, 2010

Completions.... I think....

I went back and worked on this Iris..... once the Iris came out again this year. I feel as though it is completed. I can't figure out if I am tired of it, or it is ready to be done. "Quit Noodling"...I tell myself. "Let it be...."and then I add something else. But it's been standing on the easel for two weeks and I haven't wanted to grab it and just do 'one more thing', so I do think it's done.

Gray skies have taken over for a few days. We need the break in the heat and the moisture that the rain provides. I just wish I didn't mind the dark days so much. I keep having to put the lights on to see anything. I am good for about another day.... and then I will be a bit crabby.

I know that there are places that have not really enjoyed "Summer" yet.... that the rain seems to be taking over, or it's truly "Winter" down under. For you, I hope the yellow of this Iris brightens your day.... and that the sun comes out soon and warms your bones. And.... I hope that the clouds cover the East coast and cool it down a bit. Too much heat is not a good thing (even though, I prefer the heat over the cold....I am not thinking 105 degrees and 70% humidity!). Our weather sets the tone for our moods, it seems.

Yellow Iris from my garden

Tomorrow, I will share more of the garden with you and what I have been working on this week (a very time consuming project).

Celebrate today!

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