Thursday, June 3, 2010

More of the Botanic Gardens....

I just couldn't resist, so I loaded a bunch more of the Botanic Garden photos onto today's blog. There are so many special places tucked into these gardens. They are not grand gardens, but very typical of a Mountain environment.... and they do an excellent job (if I can brag a bit), at showing this environment.

So, here we go:

A beautiful view, looking out into the gardens

I love this color combination.... reminds me of fuchsia

Oh my.... a Tree peony.....
It is just screaming, "Paint me, Paint me!!"

Loved this sculpture among the bamboo
It just felt totally Zen.

If you look closely you will see two Henry Moore sculptures
beside the waterfalls.
(When I look at the apartment buildings in the background,
I think of how lucky these people are, who can look out on this
beautiful garden setting......wouldn't that be fun???)

A p.s. to this post: When I have read other posts, I have read about people connecting and friendships resulting....
I received a comment from "Emily", only to find out that she grew up in the same neighborhood that I did in Minneapolis. I spent a lot of time exploring, as a kid ( which lets you know how long ago that was!!) and I was always on my bike and spending time with friends in her neighborhood.... It's these connections that keep my enthusiasm going..... so thanks to those who leave a thought or two...sharing your ideas and thoughts. I know that I have said it frequently, but I will continue to appreciate the connections made from this blog.

Also.... I had the greatest pleasure of hearing Sidney Poitier speak on Tuesday evening. His comment on life was simple... but oh, so hard. It was this: "Each day, be a better person than you were the day before". Doesn't that sound easy? Yet, it is so hard to do.

It means that each and every person needs to be conscious and aware of others..... in all things. Just imagine, if everyone on the planet was on their best behavior... working toward kindness, caring, good health, and good habits in the universe. Wow...

It's certainly something to think about.

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