Monday, June 14, 2010

Mixed Media Message

Well, I didn't fall off the turnip truck...... just realized it's been a stretch between blogs. It started raining here on Thursday afternoon, and it hasn't let up yet. Since that is definitely not Colorado weather, it sort of puts one in a bit of a gloom. Since it was going to rain anyway, I just chose to get to work on cleaning out the garage (with Sweet hubby) and getting inside work done. I figured that when the sun starts to shine, I am going to go outside!!!

Last week, I pulled out a painting from a class that I took last year. I had left it 'undone' and since I was in a 'finishing up" kind of mood, I started working on it. It is by no means finished, but thought you might enjoy some bright color today, and to know that I have been working.

Iris from our back yard
done in Watercolor

Switching subjects, I thought I would answer a question from a blogger friend, asking about my colored pencil choices. Truth be told, I am sort of a sucker for any new pencil that comes along. I love my art supplies, and if you find me in an Art store.... or ordering on line..... I am hopeless. I want everything! However, I do use two pencils specifically for my work.

I learned with the Sanford Prismacolor (USA) colored pencils, which have an amazing selections of colors (and more often, now..... Light fast). They are easy to find at Hobby shops and Art stores. They are soft and creamy and have a nice ability to blend. That said.... one can add too much of a good thing and end up with " muddy" ..... so layer, layer, layer.... with care.

Recently, I was introduced to a much harder pencil.... the Faber Castell (German) Polychromos. These are great for laying in a base and for fine edging. When used in combination with the Sanford Prismacolor pencils, the sky is the limit. I know that there are other wonderful pencils out there and I have invested in a few. Caran D'Ache is another name that comes to mind (hope I spelled it right). Pencils can be pricey so you want to choose your colors well, and be selective.
I like my pencils best with very sharp points, so I use an automatic pencil sharpener (which is no longer made....darn!!).

Sanford Prismacolors are at the top
Faber Castell Polychromos are on the bottom with the gold band

I separated the pencils, for a better look.

If you have any other questions, I would be happy to answer them... to the best of my knowledge.

Hey.... I see the sun..... I am heading outside right now!! Go enjoy your day too!

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Gregory D. Rothbard said...

That's where I get it from. I am awful at Staples and office supply stores. I am glad that I came on this neurosis honestly. Thanks for sharing, your son. Greg