Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Garden after the rains......

I thought I would pop out of the studio for a bit and take some photos of the garden. There are tons of weeds (why do they manage to grow the fastest after a rain???), and things looked a wee bit 'beaten down', but there were still enough happy flowers to photograph.

So enjoy photos today.....and I will get back to work in the studio.
After several years,
this peony is starting to fill with blooms.

Ah.... "Love in the Mist" .... such a delicate beauty!

We had to replant Scabiosa this year
just because we love it
(also called Pincushion flower)

A favorite yellow rose, gifted to me when my
Mother died.... a lovely memory
every year.

We let the violas go wild.... just 'cause..

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