Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finishing the garden tour....

Our garden tour continues with more photos.........

This weekend, the Garden Tours are on the docket, both locally, and in nearby Denver. It will be fun to see them all and get energized to come home and weed. I have been on a 'clean up' kick lately, so it's no surprise that after the rain, there is a lot to clean up.

If you have been following this blog for some time.... you will also remember that we have snowstorms in the summer at our house..... better known as the famous (or infamous) Cottonwood tree....that blasts our yard with it's glorious seed pods, resembling snow. This has started and it will continue until August....leaving a mess in it's wake. Every year, I wonder if we should cut down the tree.... but I don't think I have ever been truly serious about that. You just have to love all the good things about that tree.... and not this one (really annoying) thing that fills our yard every summer.

So, enjoy some photos.... before the snow hits hard......

Roses growing next to our Screened in porch.
They have the loveliest scent....oh, my....

Pots of pansies and Lavender
line the horseshoe garden

This Clematis has had a real struggle
in our back yard.
I thought I would give it the glory this year,
instead of the bursting Clematis in the front yard.

Campanula take over when the
white Peony gets tired
(you can see it in the back).

It's the 'in between' season for the
creek garden....but the Hydrangeas
have lots of buds.
(and you can see the grass littered
with the first of the snowstorm cotton).

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