Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Botanical Iris

I have been working on this piece for over a year. When I get some time, I would work on the leaves, and at the moment, it is resting. I probably will continue to 'play' with it for a while. I find that having a piece that I can work on from time to time..... and then put away, is relaxing.
I have other projects that are closer to the front burner... but this one is just for fun...and sometimes you just need to "Create for the fun of it".

That is where my head is these days...... can't seem to get focused on much of anything.

You'll know when I am back..... I will be working with a new intensity.

Peace be with you this week..... and everyone in the Gulf of Mexico.... their lives and livelihoods and our dearest environment..... struggling to survive. (We need to get our priorities straight.... and now, I will get off my soapbox).

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