Monday, June 7, 2010

Blueberries for Breakfast....

I was playing around with the colored pencils again..... trying to capture the colors in the stages of a blueberry. I had fun with the colors of the berries. Sometimes, you just need a bit of play.

Les Blueberries

Spent Saturday, going to a garden tour and after seeing how these gardens look in perfection, we ran home and worked on our own imperfect yard. We found some plant bargains around town and put them in our garden, to see how they might do. ( I will keep you posted on that part of the plan).

We cleaned gutters, washed windows, and fixed up our patio for the summer. Exhausted, but pleased, we had our dinner on the porch, enjoying the birds, butterflies, and we even had a "fly by" from the Red Tailed Hawk. (As far as we can tell, the babies are still in the nest).

Life is good.

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