Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blue Allium???

We spent the weekend going to Flower Shows in the area..... and discovered that our garden is a pretty good source of ideas, as well as all of these gardens. We ended up not taking too many photos.

However, one of the participants in the Denver show, came up with a wild hair, but quite fun. idea. He sprayed the heads of his Allium "BLUE". It stopped me in my tracks and delighted me. He happened to be standing nearby and got quite a chuckle out of my reaction. He had a truly amazing garden, which was his workplace (a Spa / hair salon). So, I am planning to take my dried Allium, cut them, and spray paint them bronze and copper (since they are quite dry now).... and then set them back in the garden. I think it will be beautiful and fun. I will take a photo, I promise.

"Blue" Allium, in all it's glory
(I mentioned that he should try red, white and blue
for the 4th of July.... think that is why he was laughing!)

Pansies in colored pencil

I have been working on several projects..... lots of sketching going on, but nothing exciting to show, just yet. I started this quite a while ago....and played with it yesterday afternoon. I do need to take time out from the serious sketching to play, and this is what I got.

Doodling is good.... for everyone. Try some doodling today.... see where it takes you. I guarantee, it will make you smile.

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