Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another wild orchid

FYI: just in case you were wondering.... the fire in RMNP is 10% contained this morning with 900 acres involved in the fire. It takes so little to start a fire.... but it takes a lot to put it out.
That's sort of true with life, isn't it?

So, back to business, right?? I have started another wild Orchid. It's called the Coralroot Orchid (or Spotted Coralroot). It's Latin name is: Corallorhiza maculata...... I do believe (but I have gotten that wrong before!

It popped up on the trail and my Client was quite excited for me to draw/paint this one. Due to the intricacy of it, I am working it out in colored pencil first. My sister gave me the most wonderful gift for my birthday.... which was a Dick Blick gift certificate..... I am going to order some NEW pencils .....probably the Polychromos. Oh, Joy.... I just love Dick Blick!! Thank you dear Sister :)

So here is my 'cartoon' on the right and
the beginning of my drawing.

Coming into the drawing.... a bit closer
and you can start to see some of the

I can manage about one flower a day.
I am working from about a dozen photos
that my client gave to me.
Slowly, but surely...... more to follow....

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