Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When I copy.....

I took a photo in the back yard last year of this peony......and copied it to a cold press paper. Normally, I use a hot press paper which is a lot smoother and easier to work with. Of course, it's hard to copy a photograph... and it seems to create a 'stiffness' in a painting or drawing. I went back to it last week at Art Group and noodled just a bit. It still looks 'off' to me, but it was also a lesson to work with living subjects.

The Peonies are back and I may try to do another one with a fresh approach and a live subject.
No matter what I manage to do, just by 'doing', I learn.

I do get frustrated in the studio...when things aren't going well with subjects.... but somehow, I pull a little nugget out of each day I work there (which is just about every day). I guess that is a lesson in itself. If you work at something every day.... eventually, your efforts will begin to show promise. That is not a guarantee, though... as you might still get some 'messes' along the way.... but even the 'messes' can show improvement, over time. so..."HANG IN THERE".

Peony in bloom

I am starting to get comments more frequently. They encourage, teach, and sometimes surprise me. I have found other great blogs because of them, and they keep me coming back.
So, thank you to those of you who leave comments or write e-mails. They continue to be appreciated.

I wish you 'grace' today.

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