Thursday, May 20, 2010

This week - What I am working on.....

I have started working on this fuchsia. I absolutely love this flower. I think of it as such a delicate plant, yet the colors vibrate. It's definitely a rather complex subject.... but I found a source of Lyra Blender pencils and I now can blend more easily. I was down to the nubbin on my last pencil. How fun to work with a full sized one this morning.

This week turned out to be much more hectic than I thought. I work hard at finding time for friends and it all happened this week. It's been so much fun to take time out and catch up with friendship. However, as you can tell, my work is lagging.

So, hopefully, next week, I will complete this and move on to others projects from the garden.

fuchsia in progress

We are looking forward to a warm and sunny weekend here. Our High School-ers are graduating this weekend, which is always a fun and exciting time. I hope your weekend is filled with laughter, sunshine, celebrations and some flowers.

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