Thursday, May 13, 2010

Skies are clearing!

This photo was taken last Sunday..... BEFORE the snow.... so you can imagine how amazing the mountains are looking today. I will try to get out for a photo or two. The last few days have been a challenge..... sloppy, wet, dark, and cold. Yikes.... it is frustrating not to be able to plant the garden. But, this weekend, we are going to give it a try and pray that no more snow or rain comes down for a bit. Believe me, we are grateful for the moisture, but enough is enough!!

I hope that you can get out in the garden this weekend. I have seen so many blogs with beautiful photos of flowers blooming away. Our Spring is very slow this year. The plants are totally confused (is it Winter??? is it Spring??? Where is that sunshine????) as are many of us humanoids.

So bring on those 60's and 70's ..... We ARE ready!!

There will be enough run off for us this year
Water is so important to us and we rely
on our beautiful snowy mountains
to carry us through the year.

The Studio is cleaner, but not perfect. I must admit, that I get to a certain point.... too near my watercolor (a work in progress) and then I sit down and paint. It's so much more fun to paint than it is to clean my space. I will try not to get distracted this afternoon.

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