Monday, May 24, 2010

Mama or Papa Red Tailed Hawk

We visited the nest yesterday and took some photos. We couldn't tell if Mama Hawk was watching the babies, or Papa Hawk was on the outlook. We have read that either one will watch the nest, as the Hawks mate for life and each tend to the babies. A friend visited the nest a bit earlier and said that both parents were sitting up on the nest....on the lookout. With such a deep nest, we couldn't see the little one, but we know that they are in there.

If you double click on the photos, hopefully you will be able to see the Papa/Mama a bit better.

Looking right at us as we looked back.....

I still am amazed at the size of the nest.....

A little closer look at Mama/Papa

We can also hear the babies in the Robins nest in the back of the house. My Hubby saw several babies. I am not photographing the nest right now, as the Mama is so nervous that she flies off every time I get close. Since we are having high winds today, I decided just to let her hold down the fort and not have to worry about photo ops with the babies. However, I will try to get some good shots in the next few days.

If you are in Colorado..... don't fly away today..... Yikes!!!

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