Monday, May 17, 2010

Garden Plenty.....

We got a break in the weather this weekend, so off we went to the local nursery, and we loaded our wagon (they have big wagons that you can pull around and fill to the brim). It was as if we had a thirst that couldn't be quenched. We went a bit bonkers.... and loaded up on everything from Hostas to Rocky Mountain Columbine (just too luscious to leave behind).

So, I share with you, my bounty of Saturday. On Sunday, we kicked into high gear and got everything planted (are we brave or crazy.... PLEASE...NO MORE FROST!!). By late afternoon on Sunday, we had everything in the ground....including seeds for Nasturtiums, which we place as a border each year. Whew.... exhausted, but elated.

This Columbine stole our hearts

Sweet Hubby loves the Impatiens....

I am trying a Fuchsia this year and of course, geraniums
Sweet potato vine is in the front
which we put in the Herb garden (not yet planted)

Monsieur le Red Tailed Hawk
keeps watch over the nest fifty feet away

I thought I would add that we checked the nest this weekend and we could not see Mama Red Tailed Hawk. However, Papa, was nearby (well, right above us) keeping an eye on the nest. We will keep you posted. Also, Mrs. Robin is still sitting on the nest at the house. No baby birds yet........

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