Monday, May 31, 2010

Birding this weekend....

I know that you read this blog to see the botanical art work, so I apologize in advance.... but I am crazy about Nature, in general. I am just entranced with the Red Tailed Hawk saga as well as our little Robin family on the back of the house.

Quickly, I will inform you that the Robin babies have flown the nest. It happened on Friday evening.... and Mama & Papa watched over them, as they flew for the first time. We were able to sit quietly and watch one plump baby, as he worked on his 'lift off' after flying down from the nest. By the next day, they were out of the nest and into the trees nearby.

As for the Hawks, well, as you can see, they are not quite ready to take their first flight.... but they are close. We were able to get some photos before Mama/Papa decided that we were hanging around a bit too long....and the click, click, click, of the camera was all that it took for us to get the 'circling' treatment. We did leave, but a friend of ours was on the practice range, and did manage to get 'dive bombed'... before he left. Mama & Papa bird are being very protective, and I like that.

So here are some photos..... just can't resist! Enjoy!

Mama/Papa Hawk keeps an eye on her baby.

As the baby checks out everything below,
Mama/Papa checks out us!

OOPS!!'s time for us to leave....

Overhead, and screeching...
We get the message!

Today, we are thinking of so many Veterans that have lost their lives for our freedom. I hate war.... but so do they. I am grateful that they chose to serve and protect the future of this amazing country. Hugs go out to the families of the Veterans. Your grief is not forgotten...and I send you hugs today and caring thoughts. It's also good to remember the Veterans serving now and in the past, as well as their families. Thanks for serving and protecting us...We are grateful.

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