Friday, May 28, 2010

Babies are here....

A quick post to show you the baby robin (waiting for breakfast, I presume) in the nest. I am keeping my distance.... but I think there are two or three babies in the nest. They keep moving about and it's hard to tell from such a steep angle... exactly what is happening. Mama & Papa bird have been rushing about in the yard, looking for worms at every turn. It's be so much fun to watch them.

As I came down the stairs today.... I looked over on the grass and right before my eyes was a garden snake giving birth to lots of baby snakes. Yikes.... I was frozen and the Mama snake was not happy to see me. Hence, I did a quick step backwards and forgot all about running for the camera. By the time I got back, Mama had herded all of the babies to a safe place under the walkway in the garden. I am really not a lover of snakes.... but it was a mighty amazing 'happening' in the yard this morning. I plan to tread lightly on the stairs for a while.

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Baby Robin

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