Friday, May 14, 2010

Ah.... the garden....

Our garden is struggling. It's hanging in there for sure, but Spring is rugged around here and especially this year. All our plants are trying to give it their best, but after wind, rain, snow, and more rain.... they are plum tuckered out.

This Tulip hung in as long as it could.....
It tuckered after the last freeze...

The Allium just decided not to bloom yet
but they are thinking about it, for sure......

Ah, my sweet Bleeding Hearts keep on coming

This Tulip just looks worn out
yet there is strength in its fragility.

I am so grateful that the flowers are fighting through this bad weather and giving all they have to give. I look at other wonderful 'Garden blogs' and they are just brimming with beauty.
Seriously, I am envious of all the Roses, Peonies, and Summer flowers that are already on their way.....abundant with birds and bees that are busy pollinating everything in sight.

This weekend, we will take a 'leap of faith' and plant.....seeds, annuals and a few more perennials. I am ready!

I am finishing up on some work....quick paintings that I did this week...which I will share next week. Enjoy your weekend. I hope the sun is shining on you this weekend.

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