Thursday, April 15, 2010

Working away in the studio....

It always takes a bit longer to get caught up, when we leave home for a bit. So, it took me a while to get some work done this week. I have been squeezing every spare minute I can into working on this 'Brownie Orchid". It still needs touching up (I always see things when I photograph my work... blow it up... and put it onto the screen. Things just pop out at you). But, I like the way this one is heading and I have been using all the tools from my recent workshop to improve my work.

colored Pencil version of rare Rocky Mountain Orchid

The garden is breaking out into song, so soon there will be lots of things to draw. Also, one of my Orchids is blooming, so I would love to do a drawing of it, before it dies off. Every year, I have waited too long and wasted my opportunities to draw it. This year, I am going to get busy......starting tomorrow.

Well, I suppose I should say something about taxes.... but honestly, I am just glad that they are payed for another year. Doesn't it seem like April 15 comes too quickly each and every year. It's not my favorite "holiday". As my sister would say, "nuff said".

I hope that your weekend is a good one. We are hoping to get into the garden and work, work, work! It is suppose to rain, but we will do our best between the sprinkles. I am so glad that Spring is here....and that things are starting to bloom. We don't capture Spring as well as other states, but I love each and every plant that is having it's say.

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