Friday, April 23, 2010

I can't do it justice.....

My orchid is just so beautiful (the live plant).... but I can't seem to do it justice with the colored pencils. I am sorely tempted to re-do this one in watercolor. I take a break every now and again, and switch up materials. I have been working in the colored pencils for several months.... but yesterday, I pulled out the watercolors and did a quick hibiscus for some "Newlyweds". I shall post that one on Monday (still have to photograph it). I also worked on a 'Rose of Sharon" in colored pencil.... which I had planned to show you today. However, I forgot to rotate it, before uploading it, so I will have to post that one on Monday, as well.

Just a note...... I have gotten several comments from people who have just found this blog while strolling through blog land. I am so happy when you stop... look and enjoy. Many of you are avid gardeners and others are Artists.... but all enjoy and appreciate my sharing. Thanks for taking time out of your day to say 'hi' or just stop by. It does my heart good to know that we are all celebrating Nature together.

It's snowing here (seriously !!) today... when it's not raining...and it looks like we will have a weekend of the 'gray stuff'. I am holding on to the the thought that this will be good for our soil and will make the plants long as the snow is fleeting and doesn't decide to stay and pile up on my garden. Keep your fingers crossed for good moisture and no freezing temperatures. See you Monday!

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