Monday, April 26, 2010

Hibiscus in love.....

Several weeks ago, we went to a wedding in Washington, D.C. The couple were young, and so very much in love. They love everything that has to do with the ocean. They have bought a house and are decorating it with all things "tropical".

So, how could I resist? I just had to paint them a hibiscus, which is her favorite flower. Today, it will be sent off to my friend (the Mother of the Groom), and she will mat and frame this small piece. Hopefully, it will be a reminder of their honeymoon - a tropical cruise.

A touch of the tropical in a Hibiscus

With the wild weather weekend (we had moments of sunshine.... but everything else, in between), I certainly enjoyed thinking of warmer climates and tropical flowers.

Some how, the tulips and bleeding hearts have made it through the cold, wet, & windy weekend. I would have hated to lose them to a freeze. It could still happen.... more bad weather is expected today. Spring is rugged this year.

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