Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guess where I went?

We scooted off this past weekend, to a big city on the East coast. We have friends that we met as newlyweds...and now the children are marrying....so Celebrations are in order. We had a quick weekend, but a very fun time...exploring; chasing the Cherry blossoms (now, there's a hint!); and enjoying a celebration of love and commitment. What a treat!

The weather was perfect....warm and lovely. The trees were in bloom, and the city was bustling.

Can you guess?? Here are some hints....

This was in the Botanic Garden...
where an Orchid show was in progress.
Many sites are free....and extraordinary!

The Cherry blossoms were gone,
but the Crab Apple blooms were in their glory.
These were in the Tidal Basin (a big hint!)

Well, you guessed it!!
We took this photo from the steps
of the Library of Congress.
Washington, D.C. is an amazing city.

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