Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Garden Fresh

We are averaging one really sunny day a week, this month.....with a lightly cloudy day sprinkled in between the gray days. I almost wish it would just rain and at least give us some moisture, rather than be cold and gray.

However, I managed to grab the camera on Monday and go into the garden for some photos. We are brimming with tulips right now. Last year we just decided to go with the 'bargain bag' of tulips at one of the local stores.... and WOWIE...KAZOWIE.... they are looking great! This may start a trend around here..... cheap and plentiful v.s. the specially chosen hybrid bulb. Hmmm.... something to seriously think about.

We also have some plants that popped up in very odd places. It's fun to see where they plant themselves over the winter months. ....

Happy Tulips abound in the garden

These are not the fancy kind,
but they sure are plentiful,
and I think, very beautiful!!

Violets managed to tuck themselves
into a tree trunk (in the ditch).
As soon as the water comes in May
they may get covered.

My precious Bleeding Hearts!
They come back every year
stronger than ever.
They are a favorite of mine.

This Grape Hyacinth ended up on my small patio
Not even close to the rest of it's family.
I love it's tenacity!


Dawn Dutton said...

lovely photos... I enjoyed seeing your garden photos... spring is such a lovely time of year. Thanks

Cynthia's Botanical Arts said...

Thanks, Dawn..... Spring is so lovely along with getting out into the garden.