Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Filling my heart

Nothing fills my heart, in the garden, quite like our Bleeding Heart. Each year, it expands into the garden just a little bit more. I have been holding my breath this year, hoping the frost....snow.... sleet.... or hail, would not damage these tender blooms. It is holding it's own, for now, so I took a photo (just in case). These plants seem to stay around into the summer and the foliage often stays around until I cut it back in late August. It is an amazing plant, and a beautiful one.
Bleeding Hearts

I also wanted to share the Rose of Sharon that I have been drawing in colored pencil. It's been laying around my work studio for a very long time and I decided to finish it up last week. Whites are so tricky to capture....so when ever I do a drawing or painting, it is more of an exercise for me.

As for the flower, it sits outside the place we stay in Maui..... and it was one of the flowers that my Daughter- in- Law used as a bouquet, when she & my son, eloped in Maui, three years ago. It is a favorite of mine and holds beautiful memories.

Rose of Sharon
(I believe, a specific hibiscus)

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