Thursday, April 22, 2010

EARTH DAY - cherish it!

No matter where you live..... nor the season you are in, Celebrate the Earth today. Be gentle with it, whether it is a prickly cactus or a rare orchid....take care of it. The Earth provides all that we need in life. I am going to honor it today (even the very dark gray skies that bring the promise of rain.....yes, even that, I will honor....just for today!)

I will honor the prickly cactus today!

I will honor the spicy peppers today!

...And the Iris, yet to come into my garden this year...

I celebrate the exotic flowers of tropical zones

And the dogwood blooms of our neighbors to the South (and East!)

May you all have a chance to look out your window....
take a walk..... just spend some time outside today
and be grateful to our Mother Earth.


Friko said...

Hi Cynthia,
Came by via 'next blog' and stopped to look, admire and read.

We should celebrate earth every day. As most of us gardeners do. Scrolling back to the last post I saw your Dicentra. I have several clumps of various forms, white ones included. They are gorgeous at this time of year, although mine here in the UK are not nearly as far advanced as yours.
Only miniature tulips are out, none of the proper sized ones show any colour yet. we have had an unusually severe winter and the season is very delayed this year.

Happy gardening!

Cynthia's Botanical Arts said...

So glad you stopped by. I always wonder how much growing the gardens are doing in other parts of the world right now. I hope you saw my post on Ann Swan.... an amazing UK artist!

the garden harlot said...

i love that garden-oriented blogs celebrate the good of green in every single post.

isn't it such a charm when the bleeding hearts boast ? and so much more. beautiful dogwood petals !