Monday, April 19, 2010

Blooming inside this Spring

We enjoyed a lovely Sunday in Colorado, so most everyone was out in their gardens, as we walked the neighborhood. We also worked in the and raking. It's always interesting to see how the garden survives a winter. We found out where we need to 'fill in' with some new perennials; What has moved a bit, what has died out, and what pops up. We have loads of tulips in the back (I hope to take photos today of some of the flowers), and for the most part, the garden is looking good.

However, inside, my orchid is blooming. It has survived on benign neglect for the past few years, and is overdue for re-potting. Yet, it manages to give it's 'all' for another year. I am currently working on a colored pencil of it. I am not crazy about the drawing... so I may translate it to water color. I think the watercolor would create a more delicate painting.

So, I am sharing the plant with you today... and hopefully, the drawing by the end of the week.

My lovely Orchid

It survives despite my neglect

I will also go out into the garden and take some photos.... to share our Spring with you.

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