Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Workshop, so far....

Would you believe that in two days, this is what I have accomplished?? Well, I wouldn't either, except that within these buds and berry's and stems is a lot of new techniques, tricks, and learning. I must admit, that the blackberry is a bit odd... but seriously, it was a strange shape, and a tough cookie to draw!..... so not great, but hopeful for the next time I draw blackberries.

Our instructor, Ann Swan, is from the U.K., and she has a lovely way of saying blueberry... ("bilberry") and pussy willow ("Catkin")..... love that! Her work is just amazing... you must google her and find her website. She is just a joy to watch "demo" a technique.

She is most patient with us, and we are absorbing as much as we can. I am not the sponge that I used to be... so it does take a bit longer, but with copious notes, there is hope.

L. to R. : Blackberry, Catkin, blueberry above the stem.

Brussel sprout

Colorado is having, yet another, blizzard. I made it home through pouring rain, lightening, and lots of splashing about, from the cars. I am glad to be home, but now that the snow has started coming down in earnest, I can only wonder what tomorrow will bring. I may have to borrow Sweet Hubby's car, so that I can make it back to Denver. Three more days of classes.... I will let you know what happens.

Hope Spring is being enjoyed somewhere today.... certainly, not here.

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