Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Workshop results.....

I thought you might enjoy seeing what I did last week, under the tutelage of Ann Swan. I discovered that I really needed to organize a color chart of my pencils, to be more effective with choosing the correct color for a drawing. We also worked a bit on composition and were asked to take three dissimilar objects and create a small composition in a more contemporary way.

I chose a Pussy willow, a shallot, and a plum (yes... that's a very red plum...not an apple). I ran out of time to work on the composition, so it is now on my drawing board.... with the Pussy willow & shallot, needing completion.

There are many new techniques within the painting. First and foremost, Ann does her shading and 'darks' first. She also uses the color 'black' for shading... which was a huge 'no no' in my botanical art studies. However, it changed the way I looked at the subject and the shadows, while leaving the highlights for the end. Somehow, once I could get my brain to think in these terms, it proved to be a "light bulb" moment. I promise to show the completed piece when it's done, so you can see the finished product.

A shallot awaits it's completion and so do the pussy willows.
The plum is completed.

Working at the dining room table.... on my color charts

An up close look at what I am trying to do.
This project was long overdue and will help me a lot!!

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